Santa says: “Recylce your trees, wrappings and reuse what you can!”

Hazardous Waste Collection
April 2007 at the CC Health Dept.
315 E. Grover Street
Household Hazardous Waste Hotline:
704.480.6932 click for info

Info you can use:

Cleveland County Solid Waste

Recycling Centers (Map) accept the following:

Hazardous Waste – click for info
Plastic (#1 & #2)
Cardboard, Newspapers & Computer Paper
Mixed Paper ( 704-480-6932)
(April – May – June)
(October – November – December)
Aluminum cans
-Landfill Site pays
White Goods (Appliances)
Yard Waste
Scrap Metal
Motor Oils

Visit the Cleveland County Health Department’s Solid Waste Landfill web site for full recyclables info.
Convenience vs. environmental concerns: There’s now a disposable wipe for everything.

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Fun, useful ways to reuse

Ever needed to make a CD cover out of paper? Try thes idea.
Paper CD case

How can I help with solutions to Solid Waste Disposal?

First, Remember to Reduce, Reuse, then Recycle.

Source Reduction is the first and possibly most important component for reducing waste disposal problems. If we use less, there’s less waste. This saves energy, natural resources and the need for disposal.

Second, Reuse items for other purposes. This is a type of recycling. Renovate instead of demolish. Reuse the clean side of paper for everyday printing in your computer printer. Wash out rags and reuse them. Rescue scrap building materials from the waste stream and put them to use. Let others find ways to use discards such as clothing, household goods, etc. Use organic matter as compost.

Then Recycle. Paper, plastic, tires, batteries, steel, aluminum, glass, oil, etc.

Close the Loop

What good does it do us to recycle if the products made from recycled materials are not in demand? We can help create market demand by looking for and purchasing products that are made with recycled content.

Business and industry can learn about recycled product procurement from the EPA here >>