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Cleanup Challenge Saturday, April 21

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GAC 2007
Please Contact us to discuss ideas for a project this year.
Projects can be at times other than the reporting period (March- April- May)

Download our 2007 Sign-up Sheet Click Here >>
What do we report? Click here for a list of what we need to know after your project or participation in the cleanup. You can pick and design your own project, or join others in a group effort.

Cleveland County Residents Too!

Cleanup Challenge includes all of Cleveland County. Is there a place you know of that you and/or your group could make a difference?
Coincides with Earth Day and NC’s Spring Litter Sweep
Cleveland County Hazardouse Waste Disposal Day – Satrurday, April 14
Download the Flier Here

The Great American Cleanup™ is a fun, educational, outdoor, springtime activity! In addition to organizing a litter clean up, your group can also take part in any other “Keep America Beautiful mission-consistent” activities as shown below. Upon registration, your group will be provided with trash bags for litter collection and safety vests as needed. Also pickup tongs and gloves available for loan.

Thank You

To all of our 2006 Cleanup Challenge participants.

Please report any activities to KSB at or 704-484-6476.
(Number of participants, # of bags collected, other statistics.

Click here for Cleanup safety tips >>

You can still use the Yard-Vac! The Yard – Man Chipper Vac was donated to KSB for use in our GAC projects. If you have a cleanup project that you think the Yard-Vac would help you complete, such as vacuuming small trash, litter, or cigarette litter, then contact us to see if we can arrange for you to borrow the Yard-Vac.

People start pollution littering and waste, people can stop it!

Remember to: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle …

A request to businesses and offices.

Have you notice the litter problems in your area? Is there an area on your property or nearby that needs cleaning up, beautification or graffiti removal? Is anyone likely to benefit from a cleanup more than you, your customers and your neighbors?
Please consider being a part of the Great American Cleanup (see above) sponsored by Keep Shelby Beautiful, the Cleveland County Health Department and the Star. All it takes is one day to make a big difference. Please register with KSB so we’ll be able to count your statistics and get roadside trash picked up by the Solid Waste Dept. If you live in the county you’ll need to contact the DOT to get trash picked up as part of the Spring Litter Sweep April 14-28. Thanks! 704-484-6476 for more information.

20004 Graffiti Paint-Out at the Historic 1928 Southern Railway Freight Depot and Shelby Farm & Garden — part of this year’s Great American Cleanup sponsored by
Jim Perry Cleaning & Painting

Thanks to volunteers!
Jim, Mike, Fred, William, Ted, Myles Joe.

Featured on the KAB Graffiti Hurts web site


2004 – A group of KSB volunteers spent several hours painting out graffiti at the former Southern Railway Freight Depot and the back of Shelby Farm & Garden between Market and Morgan Streets near Graham St.

These buildings had been marred by graffiti for several years.

It is believed that by not allowing graffiti to remain in place, vandals will learn that it will not be tolerated.